Consulting work

Various clients:

Laeitana Real Estate Consultancy B.V.
Analyze and mitigate risk inventory of existing projects to advice both lender and mortgagor to create the most efficient and optimal implementation of the (financial) real estate problem and therefore reducing loss of value to both parties.

Kingfish, Kats
Checking the qualitative and quantitative progress of the new fish farm construction process in Kats. Reporting to both client and investor.

Blokhuis BV, Lisse
Area development Nieuw Boekhorst in Voorhout in collaboration with Novaform, Syntrus Achmea, Ballast Nedam, Roosdom-Tijhuis and Heijmans.


Director of 13,500m2 MatrixOne laboratory at Science Park Amsterdam.

Director of the 6,700m2 laboratory Biopartner 5 at Bio Science Park Leiden.

Vivera, Holten
Process responsible for the design and realization of the construction of a new plant-based food production facility for Vivera of 5,000 m² in Holten.

Klaas Puul, Volendam/Edam
Process and Housing analysis, design and realization of the new construction of new production facilities sea food Klaas Puul of 3,000m² in Edam and 6,500m² in Volendam.

Statutair directeur Apollo, Traction, Haussman, A&T, Titan, Mirage and W-tower Funds

TZ (*):
Risk assessment storage box development. Drawing cash flow and financing advice on go-no-go. Supervising sales and construction.

LR (*):
Analysis of 22 ha area development, consulting stakeholders on risks, opportunities and project organization and the preparation of a development plan.

JK (*):
Structuring organization, creating mutual reliability and ability to repay. Guiding the project organization and rent migrants hotel ( 220 beds) and showroom.

GW (*):
Inventory and adjustment development of a complex of 20 apartments. Advising on the transformation of a former printing office to a supermarket.

PT (*):
Supervision and monitoring of qualitative and quantitative progress during construction of a prawn peeling enterprise; reporting to both client and financial backer.

(*) For privacy reasons of the parties the full names are not included

Follow-up projects: ING Real Estate Development
Resolution of open issues (structural, financial, and legal) relating to completed development projects in the Netherlands. Preparation of an inventory of open construction issues in Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Czech Republic and Hungary.

Development projects

Haarlemmermeer, Woonboulevard Cruquius Plaza:
ING Real Estate Development
Development and realisation of 49,000 m2 of floor space divided among 13,000 m2 businesses and offices, 24,500 m2 PDV and 11,500 m2 PDV+.

Project cost: +/- €65 million.

Eindhoven, Winkelcentrum Woensel / Porthos:
ING Real Estate Development
Renovation of an existing shopping centre, including an expansion of approximately 13,500 m2 shops and 179 apartments.

Project cost: +/- €110 million.

Property management

Intensive management:
ING Real Estate & Other / Cofiton
Consulting on and restructuring of a new ownership and management scheme for Eurocommerce.

Intensive management:
ING Real Estate & Other / Cofiton
Assessment and consultation on a range of property portfolios in order to develop a sales and management strategy and achieve more efficient portfolio management.

Project management

The Hague, Haagsche Zwaan (The Hague Swan):
OVG Projectontwikkeling
Realisation of a multi-tenant 19,000 m2 office building including Deloitte as principal occupant, with 231 parking places.

Almere, Doemere phase 4:
ING Real Estate Development
13,000 m2 expansion of an existing shopping centre.

Project cost +/- €20 million.

A more extensive summary of project experience is available on request.