“Tenants are the fuel for the cash flow motor; sometimes you have to slow down a bit in order to reach your destination.”

Laeitana Real Estate Consultancy is alert to changes in financing arrangements.
Our intensive management plan is designed to help counter declines in property values. Laeitana’s focus is on the quality of the building, satisfied tenants, realistic housing costs and optimal rental returns, thereby limiting any reduction in value for both banks and landlords. The result is a stable foundation today, creating opportunities for the future.

“Tomorrow’s best ideas are born today.”

We make the link between reality and creativity, and thus provide you with the financial space for improvement

Laeitana addresses each of the following as part of its services:

  • Portfolio analysis
  • Cash flow stabilization
  • Management advice
  • Proposals for recovery and/or restructuring
  • Mediation between mortgage providers and borrowers
  • Implementation guidance
  • Purchase and sales advice

What Laeitana offers

Clear analysis of the value of your real estate portfolio including both market and liquidation values; advice based on that analysis regarding management and sale.

Laeitana assesses your management and management organisation and provides advice on how to optimize your asset and property management.

We take a fresh look at your (old) plans, offer suggestions for improvement, and initiate contacts.

We offer advice on both structuring your application for financing, and finding the most appropriate financing.

A project is only successful once it has been completed. Laeitana knows the importance of actual implementation and monitors the costs, planning, and quality carefully. Laeitana supervises and checks the qualitative and quantitative progress of your building process and reports to both the client and the finance provider.

Thorough due diligence is also important to ensure the success of your transaction. Laeitana provides advice on setting up and reviewing your data room and consults with you on purchase and sales decisions.